Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Big Shout Out to all Droppers

A very very long update to my previous post. Apologies for that. Was busy with a new money making scheme which I'd probably mention in time to come. ;)

Anyway, I watched my google analytics and I was suprised to see a horde of visitors coming here from Entrecard or related to it! :D Well, I know you guys are only dropping the cards for the credits but neverthless, I'd like to thank all who have been regular droppers here. I'm sorry I cant really give a drop back as Im busy but I will do one thing.

I'll give back the credits earned from all your drops to the highest dropper on my blog for the last 30 days :D Thats the least I can do for avid droppers :)

Current adverts bought from :

And yes it seems like you're gonna get a free link as well! :D

Watch out for the upcoming post on what I was so busy about ;)