Thursday, November 29, 2007

6 Free Internet Advertising Methods

Surprisingly, someone had me an idea for a post. He/She said that as a beginner in this area, they're wondering what kind of internet advertising to use. Well, lucky for them, I've read alot about advertising your site/product through the internet. So here goes..

Advertising through the internet can basically be broken down into these main methods :

  • Free
  • Non - Free

I know, I know. Abit obvious but thats how it is! :) Ok, lets be serious. Since I am more of promoting cheap, free ways of making money online, I shall not delve much on the non-free advertisements but more on the free internet advertising methods.

Free Internet Advertising

Basically, what we would like to achieve here is simple. Get your links out there. Yes, that's right. Anywhere you think you can legally squezee in a link to your site would be good enough advertising. Don't be surprised that people do click on the strangest of places ;) The trick to doing well in free internet advertising is to find sites that have high traffic. Search engines are an example, but that's a whole different topic altogether.

However, here are some suggestions for places to include your links. Some you might hear of so bear with me.

  • Forums : - You can place a link or image linking to your site in your signatures in forums. The more you post (legally and according to the forum rules of course!), the more exposure and advertising your site is going to get. On top of that, if you post well and more in sections that pertain to your niche, you can be sometimes seen as someone knowledgeable in that niche, which is certainly good right? Right.
Also, there are sometimes special sections for advertisements of sites. Jolly well make sure you don't miss it ;)

  • Social Networking Sites : - Well I do hope that you at least have a social circle, if not real at least virtual? Place a link in your profile page or whatsoever. For sites like myspace or facebook, you can add friends without actually knowing them so ADD and ADD! The only negative thing that can happen would be getting to know more people. :)

  • Free Classified Ads : - Again, don't underestimate the power of a link spot. Anywhere is good as long as it can fit your link. Here's a list of sites that you might want to consider : Free Classified Ads Placement.

  • Article Directories : - If you are running a blog or are able to write articles, do so and submit your articles to article directories. They're very recommended as you're able to place your biography (which of course, includes a link to your site). Also, people might use your article if they like it and your name (link) gets spread without you doing a single thing! Search Google for a list of article directories or here are some :

  • Yahoo Answers : - This was a tip provided by grizzly of makemoneyforbeginners
    and its a very useful tip. Go to Yahoo Answers, get a Yahoo account. You can either answer questions regarding your niche and include in your site link in the resource box, or sign up another account to post the question while you post the answer. Visit the above blog for a more detailed way of doing so. It is not really honest but hey, all's fair in money fair. ;)

  • Blog Networks : - Blog Networks such as Technorati or Blogging Zoom are excellent places (provided you have a blog that has content relevant to your niche) to get your link to. So if you ever get bored of waiting for traffic, start up a blog, write some articles and submit your blog to those networks.

That's about covers methods of free internet advertising. Remember, you have to "work hard" to actually reap returns. In this case, working hard would actually just mean spreading your links out. A tip would be to use small graphical buttons as users are naturally inclined to look onto a picture and finally click on it.

I dont think there's a need for me to say much about the non - free methods of internet advertising, but just in case. You can see in a lot of sites, a section dedicated to advertisements. These are usually paid for and you'd have to contact the site owner to have an advertisement spot.

There is also the Pay-Per-Click method, but that's a whole different chapter. ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's most important in making money?

So whats the number one thing to have to be able to make loads of money? Its the same offline and online. Many have the potential of it in them but they never made use or even thought about it.

So what is it??


It is..

The ability to find prospects.

Yeap. Its as simple as that. Now prospects are basically people who are potential customers. Online, the ability to find prospects can be referred to "targetted traffic". Anyone who has the ability to reach out or get their word out to targetted traffic has the most potential of making money (or they probably have made loads. :p)

Targetted traffic simply means, people who visit your site having :

  1. Some form of idea of the content of your site
  2. Are interested in finding a solution to their problem which can be answered in your site

Once a prospect comes to your site bearing the above the two attributes, you can bet my life a sale would come knocking. (Your landing page is up to you to make or break it ;) )

Many people think the trick to making money online is simply to be able to drive traffic to their site. Thats far from right. Any or all kinds of traffic would mean that there would be usesless people who have no intention of buying or benefitting you, eating up your bandwidth. Sure it would make your site popular and everything, but how would it benefit you that no one knows how relevant your content is with respect to a certain topic.

On the other hand, if an underground and "unknown" site were to get a constant stream of probably 100 targetted prospects every day, he or she is sure to make much more money than the person with A LOT of traffic does even if his landing page sucks and is not able to convert prospects into customers well.

Always remember, QUALITY over QUANTITY. ;)

On a side note, some of you must be wondering, "Now that I know whats important, how do I go about achieving that?" Well there are several ways to do so. I will explain more in coming posts but for now, check out some of these posts by other blogs that touch on how to do that, which I feel are good.

Make money online - Grizzly

Have Bloggers become Social Media abusers?
- Monika Mundell (Touches on the trend among bloggers on how to get traffic nowadays)

Search Engine News
- A group of Search Engine Optimizing enthusiasts who are indeed knowledgeable about the subject.

PS: Dont trust ALL "seo" or search engine optimization tips so easily. Read, absorb and filter. ;) I will touch on those in time to come ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fastest Way To Make A Quick Buck..

Ironically involves money! Yes I know. How ironic is that? You're just looking to make money online fast though its a small amount, but you actually have to fork out some yourself! Well, I'll tell you what these type of programs are and why they're not suitable for you.

These programs are usually costly and they'll offer you bonuses. Lots of bonuses if you were to buy their online money making programs. They'll claim to have made their program so easy, an idiot would be able to earn from it. Oh my, are they soo selling you something. What you have to do is look for a solution. Not to be sold something. Got it? Ok good.

So whats the trick of these programs that makes them able to make money fast, sometimes within minutes or hours of reading the program? Simple. They make use of Pay-Per-Click Advertising. I'll explain more about what they are but you just have to know that they are ads like Google Adwords (the ones you see under "sponsored links" when you search for something through Google) .

Now, the program is self explanatory. PAY - PER - CLICK. Which in layman terms simply means, for each visitor to your/someone's site, you pay a certain amount of money. Easy to understand concept true? Definitely. But most definitely not an easy to implement idea/concept.

Let me explain. Pay-per-click advertising from search engines are complex ways of advertising because to get that top spot of a sponsored link, you either have to pay alot, or you have to optimise your site or page with your keywords/ads. Its a complex process so much so that there are actually Qualified Google Adwords Professionals. These people spend alot of time experimenting and learning Adwords and even take the qualification exam. True, they are skilled and most definitely qualified in Adwords or even other pay-per-click programs. But thats what they never ever tell you.

Why are they qualified again? Because they spend time and money in learning about the PPC programs. What did they promise you? That any idiot can start earning money within minutes of reading the program. Those idiots are simply ... lucky. The majority would not be able to even touch a dime of earnings (well maybe a bit, but not enough to cover costs).

If you're feeling what I've been saying, then stay tuned. Because I'll teach you the stuff that these people failed to mention in their so called easy online money making programs. Its a natural salesman characteristic, to be keeping sure-fire sales boosting ideas to yourself and sell others incomplete money making programs. But Im no salesman mind you. So just be in tuned for I'll be providing you with a solution to your financial problems by introducing you to many online money making programs that are not only easy, but cheap and even free!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

5 Tips before buying that "Make money online program"

When starting off to make money online, you'd naturally go the easy way out and just google some "money making online" or "make money online" terms. Its fine, really. But just a few things to note before you actually indulge yourself further into this.

The ways with which you can make money online can generally be categorized into the following :

  • Running a business (includes services)
  • Marketing (includes affiliates or ebay)
  • Web software, Web site

When you're googling the search, be prepared to be faced with tons of ads pertaining to your search. And to tell you the truth, they're more or less the same. Clicking on their link would take you to their sales page whereby they'd show you proof after proof, testimonial after testimonial of their "easy automated make money programs". Well, they dont usually work. So how does one tell a good one from a really automated/generated one? Here's a few pointers to look out for :

  1. Look out for the proof. Study the images carefully to see if they might have been edited. Or could be.
  2. Testimonials should include the customers' real name, working site address. Go to that site to see if the money making program is really what it seems to be.
  3. Video testimonials or proof are a plus, so look at them to see for yourself.
  4. A "Satisfaction guranteed", "Contact Us" are additional plus that makes the program or business more reliable and trustworthy.
  5. Read through at least 5 of these sales pages. You'll notice similarities and differences. Choose the one that seems unique to you or if there arent any, then just continue reading here :D

About 50% or more of these programs would be making use of affiliate marketing mainly through the site "". is a popular site to make money online easily because it deals alot in affiliate marketing for digital products so affiliates need not worry about shipment/posting problems that might arise or from refunds. Its a simple concept. You sign up, find a product that seems saleable to you, then market it to the world using the referral link they provide you.

Its a simple concept but some of these programs charge you a wholesome. Why? They basically have different ideas on marketing these products. Well, lucky you if you are reading this, as I'm gonna teach you ALL I know and some tips that'll make you make money online from you own efforts of thinking.

And that, is all for now. Stay tuned though, I'll be dropping alot of these hints to making money online easily soon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Unlike other make money online blogs

Unlike other easy to make money online blogs, this is different simply because of two things.

  1. I've not succeeded in any "free" online money making methods yet
  2. I've bought and tried a whole load of money making programs
  3. Preferably, you can learn from my online mistakes :)

You might wonder why would you even need to stay and read another word if what you read or see from hear would not gurantee you to easily make money online without spending a dime. One thing I have that does not exist in many other money making blogs is that I have a heart. IE. I dislike to see people getting cheated. And mind you, I have been a lot of times. I just keep learning because like they say, success is a journey, not a destination. ;)

Anyway, I shall share with you, my endeavours in trying to make money online easily and spending as little as possible (though ironically, much money has been spent on the programs themselves!). Try to learn from what I did wrong and probably modify the steps to make your program better.

I believe if you have founded a way to make money online easily, that you should indeed share it. Some do, but they leave out the very small important details that sets them apart from all you out there. What use is there in sharing?

Maybe you have been in my shoes before and bought one of those programs or ebooks that promises you "easy ways to make money online" or "automated money making programs that earn you money while you do nothing". Well you should have seen those before I'm sure.

Not accusing or saying that it doesnt work, but I'd like to say that everyone is different and what might work for one person might not for another for reasons that include family life, social life, financial situations and many more.

Ironic isnt it, that the free ways to make money online, are on the other hand provided to you free? Are you starting to see the connection here? I hope you do. But for the benefit of those who do not, here's a simple breakdown.

Easy FREE ways to make money online
  1. Make use of free services online (eg. Blogger, Wordtracker)
  2. Require more learning or hard work to be put in
  3. Make small amounts of money at the start but when you're good at it, it brings you heaps
  4. The satisfaction of gaining pro

Easy ways to make money online (Programs that have to be bought)
  1. Require you to buy the program (or ebook)
  2. Affiliate links are contained in these ebooks and they are "recommended" by the author for you to buy
  3. When you buy the program, you didnt know there were more stuff to be bought
  4. The more stuff you buy, the more money the author makes

See where I'm getting at? If you as a reader lie anywhere within these ranges or these things hit you emotionally, then keep yourself updated here as I will be showing you steps I have learnt over the process that MIGHT or MIGHT NOT work which will be up to you decide. After all, nothing in the world is free, so the least you could do is to put that brain of yours to good use in your bid to make money online easy.

Easy ways to making money online

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