Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Big Shout Out to all Droppers

A very very long update to my previous post. Apologies for that. Was busy with a new money making scheme which I'd probably mention in time to come. ;)

Anyway, I watched my google analytics and I was suprised to see a horde of visitors coming here from Entrecard or related to it! :D Well, I know you guys are only dropping the cards for the credits but neverthless, I'd like to thank all who have been regular droppers here. I'm sorry I cant really give a drop back as Im busy but I will do one thing.

I'll give back the credits earned from all your drops to the highest dropper on my blog for the last 30 days :D Thats the least I can do for avid droppers :)

Current adverts bought from :

And yes it seems like you're gonna get a free link as well! :D

Watch out for the upcoming post on what I was so busy about ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

SEO Blog Update

Ok, I started a new blog and am trying to rank top for the term "SEO Singapore".

What I've Learnt So Far When Creating a New Blog

  • Digg and StumbleUpon Votes are basically useful when boosting your site up from non - indexed

  • On Page optimization is very important

  • DO NOT submit a sitemap to Google when your site is still new

  • Keep your content updated on a REGULAR basis (does'nt matter if its a lot)

  • Churn up at least 10 posts before releasing your blog to the Search Engines

  • The Google Sandbox does NOT exist

  • Submit your article to Blogging Zoom with the right TAGS and article description

  • Provide outbound links to AUTHORITY sites

  • At the same time get inbound links from AUTHORITY sites but not from the ones above

What I Planned With That Blog

  • Get ranked top for "Singapore SEO Consultant"

  • Get backlinks through only Digg, StumbleUpon and Blogging Zoom

  • Invite Guest Posters that are knowledgeable in SEO

  • Prove that a free blogger account can overthrow powerhouses, its just a matter of knowing how

  • Write ATTENTION GRABBING headlines when submitting to the 3 social bookmarking sites so that visitors would at least read and come, at which, its up to my content to get them to link back

What Has Happened With The Blog

  • Got an array of visitors from the 3 social bookmarking sites

  • Got indexed within 2 days of the blog's creation

  • Got de-indexed after inactivity for the next 2 days (DAMN)

  • Got re-indexed after a few comeback posts

Anyway, just for info's sake, the blog is at SEO Singapore Consultant. It has really good information for beginners in SEO and its probably a better read than here but what the hell :p

I'll be updating about the blog everytime I get a good flurry of events happening to the blog. :D

Till Then!


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Online Make Fast Easy Money

Hey people who are interested in online make fast easy money,

I'm currently running an SEO test. What purpose you may ask? Well, basically, I want to see (prove) that having a new domain, or new subdomain can get yourself indexed as quick as having a pre-owned domain. There has been a lot of hype recently regarding expired and pre-owned domains and though I agree they are good investments to making fast easy money online, I want to try and prove that the latter is possible as well.

But anyhow, if you're interested, you can follow suit the case study that I would be doing live. I would be reporting on daily updates of the sites, what I did to optimize them and whatsoever.

If you still don't get by now why SEO is very important, I'd tell you once more. SEO allows you to rank high up in the Search Engine Results Pages. Why is that important? Because its targetted traffic.

What is targetted traffic?

It is traffic that comes to your site with the intention of looking for a solution, a product or information. They have already made known their interest in the solution by querying the term through Search Engines. So when they reach your site, you jolly well know these people are just waiting for a solution which is then up to you to not mess it up.

THAT, is why SEO is so important in online marketing or if you're interested in online make fast easy money.

And further more its free traffic! ;) There are many sites releasing information regarding SEO and how to optimize your site for the search engines. I've said it in an earlier post and I'll say it again.

SEO is all about testing. Basically to be good in optimizing your pages for the SERPs, you have to constantly test what works and what doesnt. If you really want to make fast easy money online, then, its what you got to do. Yes it may be time consuming but its the thing that is going to make you money online fast and easy.

Alas, heed the advice and keep on testing and learning about SEO in your bid online to make fast easy money. As much as the Search Engines dont stop changing their algorithms, you may as well forgot about stopping testing lest online make fast easy money wouldnt be for you. ;)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Make Free Easy Money

It has come to my attention that the bulk of people coming here from Googsy think that they can make free easy money online. Well I cant really blame them, just look at the url of the site *shrugs*

Easy, Free Make Money Online

But alas, if you're one of them, Im sorry to say that, making money online is neither easy nor is it free. It CAN be free but thats a whole different story. It is NOT easy because it simply takes lots of time and effort to do so. Time to research, to learn whats needed on making money online, marketing included. Effort to implement ideas, to not give up when it all seems like failing.

Easy, Free to Get Information on Making Money Online

BUT, do not despair, because I assure you, that the things that I convey here are FREE. Well, thats a start isnt it? At least the things that you might have to pay to learn can actually be found free, and its easy to find :D

Top 10 Keywords That End Up With Visitors To This Blog

Anyways, Im gonna list the 10 top searches that I've been getting on my blog, namely :

  1. fastest ways of making a quick buck
  2. free internet advertizing
  3. good market research lesson
  4. how's to make money
  5. make a quick $ online (they search with signs now??)
  6. make a quick buck
  7. make money online consumer reports
  8. make money online fasttest and easy way
  9. ways to make a quick buck
  10. ways to select a niche

The Keywords That Made it To The First Page

Why did I list those you might wonder? Well, its actually to tell you what works and what doesnt? How? Well, from that list, I'm gonna tell you which one of those keywords I actually am listed at page 1 for :

Ok, I have listed the keywords above with links to the articles that are on page 1 listing for them. You can then see and hopefully learn what is it in those articles that I did, like how many keywords I stuffed in, and which parts are bolded and stronged.

Why are these data important?

These kinds of data is important, why? Because if when you get these kinds of data about your site, try and go to google and search for the other terms that people arrive at your site for. You can then think as to why these people are actually WILLING to go through those several pages of search engine results rather then the rest who clicked on the first page listings for your other keywords.

Marketing Strategy

This, is what they call marketing strategy.
Once you're able to figure out what is it that made those people click beyond the first page of the search engine results, you can optimise your site to their benefit (or more likely to YOUR own benefit :p) if you know what I mean. That's what separates the experts from the nons (lets just call the non-experts "nons"). The experts are making big bucks because they KNOW about their audience. They KNOW what their audience wants and they KNOW when they want it, HOW they want it.

And THAT my friend, is why I emphasise on the importance of free or non-free market research. Either one works :p

Good Sites To Go To For Information on Making Money Online

I cannot gurantee that all the information that I'm providing you is 100% accurate, or 100% of what you want, though I know that you do want to make money online, I recommend a few good sites that might share the topic that I'm sharing with you :

Blogger Unleashed - Vic

Blogger Unleashed is basically teaching you what information you might be getting wrong and what is that you have to do to make sure you get past procastination of making money online.

Make Money For Beginners - Grizz

Make Money For Beginners is basically that. How to make money online for beginners. ;)

Court's Internet Marketing School - Courtney Tuttle

Court's Internet Marketing School has a whole abundance of in-depth articles on how to make money online by marketing well and using low amounts of money.

Underground Confessions of An Internet Marketing Insider - Jeff Johnson

Underground Confessions is run by a man called Jeff Johnson. I'm not too sure if you've heard of him, but check out his videos on you tube : jeff johnson videos. They are a collection of one of his best seminars, a 9 hour seminar squezzed into 1. He's one of the best internet marketers and you should really give his videos a view if you're learning to make money online.

Brad Callen - Brad Callen

Brad Callen by itself is already a brand name so I need not say much, just that he's reowned Internet Marketer and SEO specialist that has released awesome SEO softwares.

Joel Comm - Joel Comm

He is one of the leading AdSense experts and if you should ever need information on making more money with Adsense, then go to him. However, dont really trust his other marketing tips cause they might just not be to your liking. :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

SEO Book

Im not too sure if I'm like the last one to do this, but I just read SEO Book from As with the others who have given high recommendations to it, I too give a million thumbs up for it if I had em :D

SEO Book is very comprehensive, detailed yet easy to understand. It can be read as a reference book or also as a cover to cover one. At any time you feel lost or in need of some SEO tips for boosting your site's ranking in the SERP's, read SEO Book.

The best part is, it gives comprehensive guides for ranking well in the major search engines, namely, Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live Search. One thing though, you can't read it cover to cover in a day or two but I assure it gets you hooked :)

And also, the technicality aspects of search engines arent really explained well. The effort at doing so made me more confused *shrugs* Although Aaron Wall did mentioned that I need not read that :p

Anyway, you can search for "SEO Book" for yourself on Google or if you're interested, you can buy through my affiliate link : Buy SEO Book. It costs $79 if I'm not wrong. Go check it out.

I know you guys must be thinking that I'm just promoting this for my own shit sake, but if you dont believe me, go and have a research of reviews for the book and you'll understand what I mean. Furthermore, you get lifetime updates whenever he updates the book! Is that cool or what? ;)

PS : And for the record, I dont promote stuff here and there unless they're of ultimate use. HOWEVER, if you're already a fellow reader of the book, drop me an email! I'd love to stay in contact :)